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We want every teen in the state of Mississippi to make healthy decisions and to be treated with respect, choosing pathways that will ensure each can live balanced lives with proper care given to physical, emotional and mental health.

When there are troubled areas, we also want to provide access to trained professionals who can assist in overcoming problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Who would use the app?

Every teenager needs to be informed about what is healthy behavior and what is unhealthy.


Why should I download the app?

Information in the app will help you to determine if the behavior of others is inappropriate or unhealthy behavior. Also, the app contains information about making informed decisions about exercise, diet and other healthy choices.


Why do I need information about all these choices?

Healthy habits can carry forward through your whole life. Healthier students are better able to learn and more prone to excel in their studies, which relates to being better prepared for their adult roles. Unhealthy choices can negatively impact a teen for a lifetime.


What else on the app will benefit me?

The teen years are the bridge from childhood to adulthood which means decisions about adult actions are being made for the first time. All these new actions carry consequences that teens might carry with them for a lifetime. Sex, drugs, sleep, diet, exercise, education are issues that are addressed on this app.


How do I get help if I believe I am a victim of negative behaviors?

There are hotline numbers for each type of action and these are manned by professionals who will guide you through the process of both stopping the actions and also how to deal with the emotional turmoil that results from the negative actions.

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Families First for Mississippi (FFM) is expanding Governor Bryant’s Healthy Teens for a Better Mississippi initative with educational and innovative programs on healthy choices. FFM understands that these choices come from informed and motivated teens, so we are working diligently to provide education and training to both parents and teens. Among our objectives is provide guidance to resources so that each teen can make responsible choices about lifestyles that will impact their everyday lives today and in the future, and to have immediate access to professionals when they encounter challenges.

Do not be afraid to get help! At the bottom of the home screen is a link to HOTLINES that will connect you to a professional who can provide guidance and help with most challenges you, your friend or your sibling might be facing. The app's HOTLINES page offers help in these areas:

Bullying and Cyberbullying
Eating Disorders
Grief and Loss
Homelessness and Runaways
Mental Health
Rape, Sexual Violence and Domestic Violence
School Violence
Speak Up
Teen Pregnancy

Our goal is to provide support to all teens on issues that are important to them. If there is an area that you would like to see covered, please email Liz Ketchum: lketchum@frcnms.org


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Download The Healthy Teens App

Our objective is to provide resources to meet the challenges faced by every teen.

The Healthy Teens App is a small application that provides a variety of information to teens with links and phone numbers for additional resources. Download it for FREE from the links below.